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Designing print collateral & stationery to accompany 

 Helms limited run of 20 iconic cars

A custom built Helm e-type Jaguar in Olive Green colour with the bonnet open parked outside of TWC Schaffhausen in London


Helm exists to push the boundaries of automotive restoration. Born out of a love for the Series 1 Jaguar E-type, only 20 cars will be produced, all to the exact specification of the owners, to create unique works of automotive art, which will never be replicated.

Helm reached out to us to help them with the print collateral which will accompany those 20 cars.


  • Design a service booklet to accompany our cars

  • Design a simple Letterhead & Compliment slip

  • Design a banner to use at roadshow events

A Helm service booklet showing the vehicle information page and featuring a custom built e-type Jaguar
Blonde lady in a trench coat sitting on the bonnet of a Helm Jaguar e-type on a country lane, holding one of the custom travel bags which come with each car.
Helm company logo
The Helm service booklet showing 'cooling change' and 'Timing Chain Adjustment' pages


The service booklet is clean & crisp.

Simplicity & elegance is etched into frame work of Helm so we created a booklet which is a visual representation of just that.

Simple & elegant.

The front, back and spine design of the Helm service booklet for Helm motorcars.
Compliment slips featuring the Helm logo and contact details
A letterhead mockup
A Helm letterheaded letter, expensive fountain pen, Iphone, succulent/cactus plant, notepad and a cup of coffee on a dark grey table.
A mockup of a banner designed for Hem Motorcars to display at roadshow events. Features the custom red leather interior of a Helm Jaguar e-type

Roadshow Banner

Produced to individual specifications in collaboration with acclaimed leather expert Bill Amberg

Interior of a custom built jaguar e-type showcasing the custom leather badge on the back of the drivers seat saying 'Helm & Bill Amberg'
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