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A fresh new business delivering amazing organic shea products.

A brand which is rooted in Nubian culture

An open glass jar filled with raw shea butter and in the background, a wooden hairbrush, a closed jar of shea butter and and olive branch


Shea Nubian is a natural cosmetics business based in Manchester. We were contacted by Shantel, founder of Shea Nubian to help her develop the brand and create collateral to showcase Shea Nubian in a way that accurately represents this business.


  • Develop our Logo & Brand Identity

  • Design our product labels

  • Design & develop our e-commerce website

A silhouette illustration of a male and female head facing each other with a golden outline forming part of the brand logo
Shea Nubian logo/label, black, white and gold.


To create a sense of regal elegance, we employed a mixture of black, white, and gold. Adding depth and texture, a faded paisley pattern overlays the white background.

On the left, the silhouette depicts a lady with her afro hair styled forward, shaped to resemble the African continent

Business founder Shantel Wellington
Shea Nubian company logo
A jar of beard balm with the Shea nubian branding on a deep yellow background
A mockup of a jar of shea butter. Brown glass with a black lid featuring the Shea ubian branding

BODY SCRUB - 100ml Jar

A mockup of a dropper bottle of hair oil. Brown glass with a black lid featuring the Shea ubian branding

BODY BUTTER - 200ml Jar

A mockup of a 100g jar of body scrub . Brown glass with a black lid featuring the Shea ubian branding

HAIR OIL - 30ml Dropper Bottle

Mac desktop featuring the Shea Nubian website home page design


After articulating the essence of the brand identity and outlining the company's aspirations, we commenced work on the website.

Our first step was to identify the core features and objectives. We focused on ensuring that users could search, find, and make purchases quickly and intuitively.

Keeping these objectives in mind, we developed a working prototype to test the various features we had created.

A group of Shea Nubian branded products on a dark grey platform in a jungle setting
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