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A design and print project to develop a folded flyer, posters & event stand to accompany the prestigious Automo on their roadshow event. 

2 Jaguar e-types parked next to eachother at a barn yard.


Automo is one of the leading classic car restoration specialists in the UK. They was gearing up to showcase some of their exceptional e-type Jaguars at world renowned road show.

Automo reached out to us to design some marketing collateral and large format design to accompany them on the day. 


  • Design a folded flyer and source printing for our event.

  • Design posters to accompany our display cars.

  • Design the artwork for our exhibition stand..

An A5 folded flyer featuring an e-type Jaguar and Automo logo.
A Jaguar e-type engine being handbuilt by Automo.
Automo comapny logo
The back of an A5 folded flyer design featuring Automos company logo.
Large poster mockup featuring an e-type Jaguar and the Automo logo.


The posters are to be used as signs informing the viewer about the car they are standing next to. Including details such as, paint code, model & any specific extra features the car may have.

Large poster mockup featuring an e-type Jaguar and the Automo logo on a poster stand..
A promotional event stand including backdrop and stand. All branded with the Automo logo
The right axle of a custom built Jaguar e-type by Automo
Automo company logo
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