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A digital & print project to advertise the Black History Month event at HOME mcr.

HOME arts centre, cinema and theatre complex in Manchester.


HOME is an open and social space for the curious, celebrating artists and work that is provocative, playful and contemporary, of Manchester and the world. Ruth Jones - Head of Marketing at HOME, reached out to us to design their digital & print collateral for their upcoming Black History Month event.


  • Design the lead image to use across all print & media

  • Design digital & print collateral.

  • Design a door arch for the front entrance.

A title treatment design to celebrate black history month at HOME.mcr in Manchester
Box office at HOME.mcr, Manchester with orange overlay
HOME.mcr,  company logo
Double sided, black, A5 flyer designed for HOME.mcr to celebrate black history month.
A3 poster designed to celebrate black history month at HOME.mcr in Manchester. Featuring a colourful tree and titled Black History Month

A3 Poster

Iphone mockup of the black history month title treament we designed for HOME.mcr social media.


In order to create a clean and impactful social media post that could be used across all of HOME's platforms, we removed all logos and taglines from the original print design. This approach ensures a simple yet effective message that can be easily shared and recognised by HOME's audience on social media.

Front Entrance Door Arch

(at HOME mcr)

HOME.mcr front entrance featuring our black history month title treatment and event listings.
Black history month titile treatment design. Home.mcr front entrance.
HOME.mcr - door arch, right side


To integrate the door arch panel design with the overall project, we incorporated falling leaves from the original tree to symbolize the varied paths and journeys of the black individuals being honored. This addition serves to connect the panel design with the broader celebration of diversity and inclusivity.

HOME - Front Entrance Spec Diagram
HOME.mcr - door arch, left side
Large banner hung above stairs in HOME.mcr to celebrate black history month.
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